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© Maria Butyrina

© Maria Butyrina


Tsugi 110 (March 2018): Label of the month


TRAX Premiere: Vista Flores (LLN010)


Stamp The Wax: Valsable (LLN010)

Alejandro Mosso is back with his fourth album, a triple 12” of deep and seductive minimal house. With John Talabot and Ricardo Villalobos as patrons, the Argentinian Berlin-based composer and sound designer delivers another rich album of deep and melodic sounds.

Departing from his self-titled and “deeply personal” label, Rituals LP will be the 11th release on LumieresLaNuit, a label Alejandro has become a close friend of. Our stand-out track is ‘Valsable’, leading out the first 12” entitled Daylight Rituals, which is themed around “a smooth and sunny start”. A rolling, melodic house track it’s tied together by scrambled vocals floating in the background until periodic stutters bring it to the fore. Mosso’s use of acoustic and percussive samples gives the track a rich texture highlighting the live element of his performances and his academic background in sonic art.


Tsugi 107 (Nov 2017):

Seed 2 x 12 (LLN009+1)

Tsugi 107 — November 2017

Tsugi 107 — November 2017

Gscene (march 2018)

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Deep House Amsterdam Premiere: Uyuni (LLN010)


The Ransom Note:

Essay by Alejandro Mosso


Mixmag 286 (March 2015):

Galactic Halo EP (LLN002)


Tsugi (April 2015):

Galactic halo (LLN002)